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Avoid Leaving Tarps Outside

Every freakn animal in the neighborhood will want to urinate on them.

Trolling for References

Sometimes I'm asked to provide painting references. It's possible a potential customer doesn't want painting but only wants my references to use for solicitation.

One time I did an estimate for a home in Surrey that obviously didn't need painting and he asked for references. He's a real estate appraiser. Are my references now getting phone solicitations and spam?

How to Hire a Painter or How to Hire a Painting Company

If new at hiring a painting company, consider getting a consult from someone on the inside. A 1 hour consult gives you a boost on finding painters, learning the risks, protecting yourself, cutting costs and quality expectations. Contact for fee.

Painting Metal

I don't understand why most people think they need metal paint for anything made of metal. If it's painted metal, you're not painting metal. You are painting paint on the metal. Say the existing paint is not stripped. Therefore you need a paint and preparation that results in a good bond to whatever coating is on the metal. Metals are often factory or shop painted with coatings other than acrylic.

Painting Done in a Day

There's a painting company that seems to do "painting done in a day". It's possible if the walls are warm and the humidity is <85%. Fans and heaters can be used to speed up paint cure. The worse that can happen is not enough painters show up to work due to the everyday stress to get painting done in a day.

Company Name or Logo Visible from Satellite.

Attract attention by having your business stand out with a rooftop company name and logo visible to users of Google Earth or Google Maps satellite view. Attract navigators to your business. Heat and rain resistant silicone paint used. Contact for a quotation.

Rooftop Logo

Salticus Scenicus (Zebra Spider) on Houses

I often see Zebra spiders crawling on houses. It's sad these beautiful tiny spiders get in the way of spray painting. They look good with stylish stripes and are not loaded with very fuzzy legs. These spiders will often turn to look at you. Zebras spiders have excellent vision to sneak up on bugs for food. They mate with a courtship dance. Impressive for a 3-5mm creature. I suppose they hibernate during the winter. I took this picture below.

paint on zebra spider See larger photo of Zebra Spider.

Painting a Quiet Job?

Often it's not. Have ear plugs on hand or noise isolating headphones available.

Noise exposure can be from:

Phone Solicitors Target Painters for Page One on Google

Software automation calls you, you get an automated message (Huh? A message as if from Google), then you are connected to a sales agent. "'Do you have a website? Are you on Google's first page? For only $390/mth(or about) you can be on page one on Google."

In my experience:

If you are interested in their service, maybe chat with me first for more info and then decide.

Where's The Painters?

Summer is ending, the rains are coming (British Columbia, Canada) and your house isn't painted yet. Sometimes painting companies become under staffed and/or overbook and/or underestimate the job durations. If you think it's getting too late for painting your house, consider switching to another painting company.

Getting all Your Quotations at the Same Time

Getting many quotes? Why repeat yourself many times. Save time and ask the painting companies to all show up at the same time.

Expect howling, hissing, raised fur and cat fights. Just kidding. The worse that can happen is the painters get into trading stories and take forever to leave your place. It's unlikely there will be a cartel and you get the same price from everybody.

Don't Paint Yourself Part 2 of 3.

Hours in the sun poses a risk of sun burn, age spots(if you're +40) and, at worst, skin cancer.

Painting outside exposes you to insects. Every summer I get stung by wasps and bitten by various bugs.

Painting on hot days poses a risk of heat prostration (heat illness) and/or dehydration. If it's hot in the shade, it's even hotter inΒ  direct sunlight plus the heat reflecting off the house. Cognitive functions decrease when the brain is stressed by dehydration or heat illness which can lead to job slowness and increased risk of injury.

Exposure to chemicals puts your health and vitality at risk. Read the MSDS sheets on the product your using. Propylene glycol has been known to cause lactic acidosis. Possible cancinogens may exist too.

My Top 6 Painting Trade Secrets

  1. How to do painting estimates
  2. How to paint a home efficiently
  3. How to determine painting prices
  4. How to do painting customer service
  5. How to make a high ranking painting website
  6. How to advertise a painting business

Don't Paint Yourself Part 1 of 3

  1. By hiring a painter you raise your quality of life by being free to do better things.
  2. Learning to paint is avoidable. It may not be worth learning due to the infrequency of painting. Planning on painting 100's of bedrooms?
  3. Painting can be tiring. Conserve your energy for better things.
  4. Without much painting experience, chances are you'll be painting forever.
    You might not be able to predict when you'll finish.
  5. You might slop paint on ceilings and trim. You might devalue your property.
  6. In some cases, you might be wondering why coat after coat after coat and you still see the original paint. Most painting is basic but on occasion painting can get technical.
    Example: Painting green alkyd semigloss with yellow acrylic and the walls are cold.

Less Interior Painting During BC Winter

I'll guess why there's less demand for interior painting during the winter.

Late Night Colour Swatches

Paint stores closed? Try selecting your colours from Home Depot. They're open later.

The Painter is an Interior Decorator Assumption

Yes I've seen lots of colour choices and some think it's a qualification. I tell everyone I like light walls, 2 colours and white trim. For the illusion of an exciting colour plan, accredited interior designers or colour consultants are available for a fee.

Where's Your Painting Testimonials?

Testimonials on painting websites are open to cherry picking and fakes.
Bad testimonials can be erased and customers can be faked.

'Dan painted our house in Langley and did an excellent job. No problems, no mess and the price was in our budget. Thanks Dan.
--- Mom.'
'Probably one the most efficient and organized painters around.
--- Joe who got $5 to write this.'
'Don't get any other quotations, just hire this painter!
--- Dan'
'If I painted this house myself, I'd waste all my weekends this month. Thanks!
-- Eldin Bernecky'
Few will confirm real testimonials. It's more persuasive to find posted testimonials on a 3rd party website that limits cherry picking. However, fake identities can still be created to leave testimonials.

Best Brand of Paint

Painters use paint but typically don't scientifically investigate it. This is the job of Masters Painters Institute MPI. Check if the paint is MPI listed.
Or contact a paint store for recommmedations and questions about products.
I can suggest an appropriate paint based on substrate, washability, colour retention, budget, durability, flexibility, bond strength, aesthetics, blocking or VOC level.
I'll need to know your preferred paint. Contractor acrylic rates are $16/gal to $75.00/gal.

Cross Matching Colour

Your best chance for paint matching the swatch is by selecting colour codes and paint from the same dealer. Matches to competitors swatches can be off. Tinters often request 1 day to cross match competitor swatches especially if it's not on record. Sheen is not cross matched. For example, eggshell can differ between paint companies. imo, 95% of the time a cross match is good.The tinters are amazing.

FAQ: How Much to Paint a House Exterior?

It averages around $4000 including GST and paint.

Make Painting Work Schedule Public or Not?

I decided to make my work calendar private on my schedule page.



Boom Lift Rental Locations for Langley BC.

Boom lifts qualify when much of the painting is above 24 feet.

How To Verify a Painters GST Number

To ensure you get you input tax credits for your business your painter must have a valid GST number.
Click on the CRA link below and follow the instructions to verify a painters GST number.

Painting Other BC Districts or Painting Outside BC

I can paint in other districts other than Abbotsford, Langley and Surrey between October and March. I can paint outside BC between October and March for up to 2 months.

Disposal of Latex/Acrylic Paint

Make space. Some people hold onto paint for years. I've dropped off acrylic paint at Regional Recycling in Cloverdale. Also check out Encorp Return It.

Some Painting Tools I Use.

Touching Up Old Paint Seldom Matches

The variables for why touch ups don't match are differences in paint brand, manufacturer, batch, age, mixing, temperature, sheen, application technique, porosity, cleaniness,yellowing,humidity,chalking and stipple.
Even touching up with the original paint can make a visible spot. The edges of the extra layer of paint can be seen. Even cross matching under fluorescent lighting can be a factor.
So it's better to paint the whole surface.

Cross matched Under Fluorescent Lighting

It's happened a few times where the paint store cross matches under fluorescent lighting and then it's discovered to mismatch under sunlight.

Guard Your Driveway!

There are some cheap painters that drive leaking work vehicles.
Take care that you don't end up with a puddle of oil on your new white driveway.