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One of the Experienced Professional Painters for Interior House Painting in Surrey Langley BC

About Valois Painting

Valois Painting is one of the Surrey painting companies located in East Clayton area that serves customers mostly in Langley Township and Surrey BC. See service area map. Some neighborhoods in the service area are Yorkson Willoughby, Clayton, Cloverdale, Brookswood, Walnut Groove, Fraser Heights, Morgan Heights, South Surrey and districts of Langley and White Rock.

This is a house painting company with 1 painter. Dan does all the interior residential painting. No other Surrey painters are hired. If your project needs fast completion, perhaps try to combine Dan with other painting contractors that you can find. You can build your own crew of residential painters from Surrey or Langley Twp.

Dan is often contracted by owners experienced in hiring nearby painters for homes, townhouses, condos and light industrial companies. Painting price range for this company is $525 to $15000. Know more about prices.

Valois Painting opened in April 2006. Valois is pronounced val-wä.

Text 📱 at anytime or email 📧 to arrange a quotation time for your home. Response time is often within 24 hours but maybe longer on days near weekends and holidays.

See availability at bottom of page.

Face of Dan Valois
Dan Valois

Business Hours

9 AM - 5 PM
9 AM - 5 PM
9 AM - 5 PM
9 AM - 5 PM
9 AM - 5 PM

Estimate Hours


Interior Painting Quality

Low stipple door finishes if no spray.
Low stipple door finishes if no spray
Better than 0.6mm precision brushing between walls and ceilings.
Precision brushing between walls and textured ceilings
Straight lines between walls and baseboards.
Straight lines between walls and baseboards
Uniform reflectivity on walls.
Uniform reflectivity on walls
Drywall repair on wall.
Drywall repair
Paint brush lines.
No brush lines like this!
Precision masking before painting.
Precision masking
Paper on Floor
Floor protection

Why Choose This Painting Company

Videos and Photos

Preparing for a Painting Quotation. 1min 44sec.

Be able to list what you want painted. Things you can do to reduce the labour time. Deadline and painting duration.

At various homes and commercial buildings. Also see Gallery.

Painting Services

Services Not Offered

Many Surrey painters only do house painting and not other home improvements. Valois Painting only does painting. Please search online for handyman, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, drywallers or renovation companies. No ceiling texturing. Please consult interior decorators for selecting colours.

How Estimates are Done

Quotes begin at $525(includes gst.) More info on prices. Paint is extra.

Text is preferred over email to verify the next quote time and availability. House painters in Surrey get many robo calls and spam. Calls from 250, 778, 236, 672 and 604 are answered. Other codes go to voicemail. Make sure your email has relevant words or you might not get through the spam filters. If you do not get an email reply, please call or text next.

Most often estimates are done weekdays after 6pm and take about 35 minutes.
It's ok to request a price range when you text or email architectural drawings or photos.

Ideally you should be able to specify colour codes, gloss levels and paint products and brands during the quotation. See list of store locations to research paints.
Please complete your colour and decoration ideas before the quote. Perhaps consider finding an interior designer.


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Next painting availability is January 15, 2019.Availabile for estimates before January 15, 2019.

All of May 2019 is booked.

Most often the best Surrey/Langley house painters are busy up to mid December. Low season is January - March.