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Painting Prices

Pricing starts at $500 + gst for labour. Valois Painting operates in the $2000 - $10000 range for home interior painting in Langley and Surrey BC. $4000 seems to be the average job. Total price is the sum of labour, gst and paint. Paint can range from $20/gal to $100/gal depending on brand and manufacturer. Most of the total price variability will be from paint purchases.

July and August are generally the most expensive time for interior painting. Cheapest time for interior painting seems to be January to March. If on a budget check out Cost Saving Tips. Offers considered. Example, "Can you paint my living room for $300?"

Pricing is Based on a Collection of Competitor Quotes

Valois Painting collects competitor quotations. Feel free to give me all your quotations before or after hiring me or after hiring the competition. Collected quotations are used to keep pricing on track.

Painting prices depend on many variables